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Access in the Making Lab (AIM) is an experimental research hub at Concordia University concerned with disability, access and affordances. The AIM Lab engages access creatively, critically, and curiously, rather than legally, institutionally, and retroactively. The AIM Lab is concerned, not with what access is, but with what access could be. To that effect, we collectively experiment, improvise, and speculate.

Lindsay and Danielle dance on stage, lit in purple-red light. Lindsay, a white feminine-presenting person in a purple floral dress, stands next to Danielle and extends an arm. Danielle, a masculine-presenting person in purple collared shirt, pulls against Lindsay’s arm and waist to draw themselves up onto a one-wheeled tilt in their silver manual wheelchair. The two share an intense look.

Co-led by Danielle Peers and Lindsay Eales, the Just Movements CreateSpace is a gathering/place for research, creation, and learning in Amiskwaciywâskahikan, on Treaty Six Territory, at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation. We seek to support a range of qualitative, creative, collaborative, embodied, and transdisciplinary methodologies for researching moving bodies as sites of social (in)equity, (in)justice, ingenuity, resistance, reimagination, and transformation. We encourage critical engagements with a range of movement cultures—including forms of leisure, recreation, sport, performing arts, as well as embodied activisms and spiritual practices—challenging the artificial divides between these forms. The Just Movements CreateSpace is committed to deeply intersectional, anti-colonial, anti-racist, as well as mad-affirming and disability-justice-based research practices. We actively invite being held accountable to these commitments as we learn together about how to move towards more socially just practices, relations, creations, and worlds.